Clove Cinnamon Scentsy Bar


Our Clove and Cinnamon Scentsy Bar – Its warm, spicy fragrance of dessert cinnamon sticks and dashes of baking cloves are so delightful, your entire family will notice how cheerfully scented your home really is. Available while supplies last.



Clove & Cinnamon Scentsy Bar

In fact, it will become a favorite for every family get together! When the holiday season comes around, you want to gather the family together and enjoy some quality time getting back in touch and reminding everyone about how much you mean to one another. Before that can happen, you’ve got to create an atmosphere that is inviting and full of joy. Then when your loved ones arrive, they’ll be instantly inspired to reconnect and relate heart to heart. It’s what the season’s all about, and you can make it happen with our Clove Cinnamon Scentsy Bar.

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