Clove Cinnamon Scentsy Room Spray


There’s no better occasion for using our Clove & Cinnamon Scentsy Room Spray than when you want to make the air come alive with the glee of end of year celebrations.

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Activate our Clove Cinnamon Scentsy Room Spray scent close to your hearth or even in the kitchen to ensure that your home is radiant with its cheer. The hearty scent of holiday spices is so warm and comforting, one would hardly expect them to have such an exotic origin. Dried clove buds are delicately plucked from wild trees of Indonesia, which explains their mysterious yet zesty aroma. The bright red petals quickly wither and dry, making them ideal for crushing up alongside other delectable seasonings. Earthy yet peppery cinnamon bark is ground to release its vibrantly sweet aroma, creating the perfect complement for slightly herbaceous cloves.