Coconut Lemongrass Dryer Disks


Your ticket to paradise is here! When you use our Coconut Lemongrass Dryer Disks, you’ll welcome laundry as the chance to have a tropical retreat. Shop now and have your Scentsy Products shipped direct to you. No waiting!

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Enjoy paradisical notes of island coconut milk and exotically zesty coastal lemongrass. Get your ticket to paradise just by doing your routine chores! When you use our Coconut Lemongrass Dryer Disks, you’ll see doing the laundry as a prime opportunity to unwind and enjoy the atmosphere of the tropical retreat of your dreams. This exotically scented formula is light hearted and sunny, bringing to mind images of enjoying a cocktail on a picturesque beach. Each Disk will give you 15 loads of laundry scented with cool coconut milk and delightfully zesty coastal lemongrass.

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Scentsy Dryer Disk 3 Pack