Country Light Scentsy Warmer


A bold take on the openwork shade, the Country Light Scentsy Warmer is a sturdy and welcoming piece, like the lamps country folk used to light to guide friends to their doors. 7″ Tall – uses a 40 watt light bulb. 


Country Light Scentsy Warmer

A little bit rustic but also refined enough for formal settings, the Country Light Scentsy Warmer adds a lot of options to the Scentsy warmer lineup. A distressed wood look base is the perfect accompaniment to the large grid grill on the shade, allowing the light from the specialty bulb to shine forth and add interest. Choose a hearty, full bodied Scentsy fragrance for this robust warmer, harkening back to the time when a light like this let you know you were welcome. 7″ tall and uses a Scentsy 40 watt bulb

Enjoy the look of the speciality bulb as it melts the Scentsy cubes you have chosen to welcome travelers through your doors.Scentsy Fragrance


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Country Light Scentsy Warmer







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