Cream Tulip Shade Scentsy Warmer


All the elegance of an old fashioned ballroom gala is contained in the design of our new Cream Tulip Shade. 8.5″ tall and uses a 25 watt bulb.

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Cream Tulip Shade Scentsy Warmer

The curving figure adds extra grace to the sparkling array of lights that come aglow whenever you activate the Scentsy Warmer. Before the days of television and other modern amusements, people found their own ways of keeping things fun. The most fashionable members of high society always looked forward to the charming soirees held in the balmy evenings, when everything was about beauty, dancing, and romance. Debutantes waltzed through the room in their elegant gowns, holding hands with the most dashing beaus. These classic scenes of glamour are what inspired the design of our Cream Tulip Shade Scentsy Warmer. This new Warmer model features a gracefully curved shape, which is accented by the bronze rims at top and bottom. The white marbled body is subtle and demure when the Warmer is not in use. Flick it on however, and the body comes alight with delicate sparkles of illumination.

Uses a Scentsy 25 Watt Light Bulb to Warm the Wax.

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