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Empower Scentsy Diffuser


When on, our diffusers immediately fill your space with stunning, artisanal scent. Shop here and have your Scentsy products delivered directly to you.


Empower Scentsy Diffuser

Make a statement with the Empower Scentsy Diffuser.

Handcrafted and oh-so-lovely! Immediately fill your space with all-natural Scentsy Oil fragrance. Customize it with color, light and mist settings. Update your style with interchangeable Shades!

The striking diffuser designs and all-natural fragrance will be delivered instantly. The swirl of color and light is second to none. Our oil diffusers provide instant fragrance, 16 colors and interchangeable shades. All Scentsy Diffusers come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Empower Scentsy Diffuser