French Lavender Room Spray


One of the world’s most famous scents caught but never fully tamed, the beauty of Scentsy’s French Lavender Room Spray is its simple but incomparable note of pure herbal glory.


Share this especially beautiful essence in your home, on the road and at your office, floral and green and amazing. Stretching across your view to the horizon are fields of gloriously scented purple flowers, their perfume perfected in Scentsy’s French Lavender Room Spray. Like living within an impressionist painting of Provence, filling your home or office with the iconic fragrance of this glorious aroma brings a sunny European feel to your life. Use our French Lavender Room Spray as an air freshener but don’t stop there, spritzing sheets, towels and draperies with this relaxing fragrance. Spray this bigger than life scent with grand abandon.

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