French Lavender Scentsy Bar


All around you are the breezy blooms of lavender, painting the landscape with a whimsical purple hue, and imbuing the air with their refreshing fragrance.

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French Lavender Scentsy Bar

When you use our French Lavender Scentsy Bar, you’ll be able to surround yourself with the same blissful atmosphere. Cooped up inside during the winter, you can’t help but long for the bright days of spring to come shining through the fields of frost. When they do, you’ll flee to the meadow, letting the dew of the grass kiss your ankles as you tote your picnic basket to your special spot.It’s there where you always find the greatest peace, and fully feel the elation of the season. Enjoy the delightfully herbaceous aroma of this unique and elegant floral when you want to feel perfectly carefree.