Go Wild Flowers Scentsy Bar


Remember the perfect summer day when you melt a cube or two of Go Wild(Flowers) Scentsy Bar. Meadow flowers and sweet honeysuckle tease your senses with the added pop of ripe berries. You can almost feel the warm breeze and hear the buzzing of the bees.

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Go Wild Flowers Scentsy Bar

The glorious smell of a sunny summer day on the prairie is captured by Go Wild(Flowers) Scentsy Bar. Bright colors blanket the meadow bordered by sweet honeysuckle blossoms nodding in the breeze. Berry laden bushes hide their bounty under glossy green leaves but the unmistakable juicy aromas call out. Celebrate the warm weather with a cube or two of this happy fragrance and save a little for when the cold winds come back to remind you of the wonders of a summer afternoon.

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