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Hello Yellow Scentsy Bar


Good Day Sunshine! Hello Yellow is a sunny floral fragrance of incandesce white petals, golden lemons and a touch of bright basil.

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A spring pick me up! It’s during the month of March, when winter begins to fade, that the bright sunshine of spring first peeks out from behind the clouds. The first days of the season are greeted with a jubilant glow, and a warmth that coaxes the flowers out of the once chilly ground. This uplifting scene has been translated into fragrance form, through our March Scent of the Month: Hello Yellow.

The Hello Yellow Scentsy Bar fragrance is bursting with a bright, fresh aroma. Warm luminosity is found in a base of smooth white petals. Scintillating lemon and herbaceous green basil make the perfect pair of sparkling top notes, elevating this scent to a whole new level of invigoration.

As our March Scent of the Month, Hello Yellow will be available with a 10% discount throughout all of March. Combine it with our March Warmer of the Month, Green Thumb, for a delightful springtime match. This spring time scent is available in a Scentsy Bar, Room Spray and Scent Circle.