Iced Pine Room Spray


A spritz or two of Iced Pine Room Spray from Scentsy leaves the air fresh and clean, icy fir and pine sparked with peppermint.

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Iced Pine Room Spray

An excellent choice for the holidays, a room treated with this air freshener smells exactly like a winter wonderland. Wake up a drowsy living area with the energy of Scentsy’s Iced Pine Room Spray. The sharp and clean scents of green fir, pine and peppermint blend together in a potent punch of icy intensity, clearing the air and invigorating the senses. Like all Scentsy Room Sprays this bold scent can go anywhere, even if a warmer or diffuser is difficult or impossible to use. Quick to spread its clarifying scent, Scentsy’s Pine Room Spray scrubs the air of unpleasant odors.


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