Jane Scentsy Warmer


Adorn your home with the style of the literary classic, Jane Eyre. 6″ tall and uses a 25 watt Scentsy Lightbulb.

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Jane Scentsy Warmer

This Jane Scentsy Warmer features Edwardian designs of wrought-iron and chiselled stone that reflects the baroque, regal architecture found in the manor homes of Charlotte Brontë’s landed gentry. Far back in the English moors, shrouded my thick, mysterious mists Jane Eyre, lies waiting to be found. The somber mansion, and its despondent master, Rochester, sat cold and lonely, until love came through the door in the form of a determined young woman who fought to rise above her rank in the name of romance.

Give your home the aristocratic aesthetic of Charlotte Brontë’s vision while filling it with an amorous atmosphere created by our loveliest Scentsy Bar fragrances.

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Jane Scentsy Warmer
Jane Scentsy Warmer $35