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La Habana Scentsy 5 Pack


Five New Fragrances Inspired by Havana Cuba! Available while supplies last!

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La Habana Scentsy 5 Pack


CAFÉ CUBANO SCENTSY BAR – Share your secrets and uncover new mysteries behind a backdrop of roasted coffee, exotic almond flower and sandalwood.

FLOR DE MARIPOSA SCENTSY BAR – Stumble onto a secluded garden and make it yours with romantic jasmine roused by juicy grapefruit and white plum.

HABANA VIEJA SCENTSY BAR – Step inside history and take a stroll through bustling streets redolent with tobacco flower, amber and vanilla.

PASTELITOS SCENTSY BAR – Stop for a treat on the way to somewhere magical with luscious pineapple, lime and a splash of dark rum.

PLAYA DE VARADERO SCENTSY BAR – Find a new perspective where the sand meets the sea, on a sweet tide of sugarcane, bergamot zest and fresh Havana lily.

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