Lemon Verbena Scentsy Room Spray



A twist of lemon and lime is only the beginning for this surprisingly fresh scent medley from Scentsy.


Lemon Verbena Scentsy Room Spray

The surprising addition of verbena shakes up the heart of this naturally-inspired fragrance, adding a pleasant green note that comes straight from the garden. Why settle for simply citrus when this room spray offers so much more? What do you get when you combine a pinch of freshly-grated lemon zest, a squeeze of just-sliced kaffir limes, and a sprig of earthy verbena? Lemon Verbena Scentsy Room Spray – A fun mixture of bright, tart and green notes, this room spray instantly perks up your favorite spaces and encourages energy and inspiration whenever it’s sniffed!

Try it to bring a little “spritz of sunlight” into basement retreats and dens, as well as in the kitchen to enjoy a pleasant little boost for the senses while preparing a meal. This pretty trio is the ideal blend of fruity freshness and garden-harvest herbs!