Lilacs & Violets Scentsy Room Spray


Make every area of your home or office a spring fantasy of fragrance with this Scentsy air freshener.


Lilacs & Violets Scentsy Room Spray

Lilacs & Violets Scentsy Room Spray will power that emotion with this lovely two note fragrance that fulfills all your yearnings for this evocative spring essence. Fresh and floral, this spray is calming and relaxing, its portability meaning you can enjoy a lovely aura everywhere you desire. Oh how we await the blooming of the purple lilacs and violets every spring!

Fortunately the Lilacs and Violets Room Spray from Scentsy brings this glorious seasonal fragrance into any room with the simple push of a button. A spray or two will have your guests looking for a vase filled to bursting with lilacs, a nosegay of brilliant violets at the center.