Lucky in Love Scentsy Bar


A base of succulent peaches and handfuls of ripe, red berries start the scent out with a brightness representative of the glee in your heart. Shop now!


A bashful smile is the only signal you need to know that he is the one. Celebrate this serendipitous moment with our Lucky in Love Scentsy Bar. Even if the man of your dreams hasn’t come along yet, he’ll be sure to show when you surround yourself with this alluring aroma. Sweet bouquet of mandarin,bergamot and oranges with hints of peaches and berries.

A middle note of sweet orange provides a perfect foundation for optimistic citrus elements of bergamot and mandarin. You’ve spent the last months throwing yourself into the world of dating, only to have no success. “Does my Prince Charming even exist?” you begin to wonder, as you walk down the street with a disappointed gaze. But suddenly, out of the crowd of passers by, your eyes meet with those of a man who seemed to have stepped right out of a fairy tale.