Luna Scent Circle


Luna Scent Circles offer to fill your spaces with all of the entice and romance of a midnight, moonlit adventure.

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Hang in your car or closet, tuck into your drawers or luggage and experience the light, white floral aromas of jasmine, sweet pea and freesia that are highlighted by a pop of lush berry and enfolded in the gentle warmth of sandalwood to create a truly unique and romantic fragrance. Exciting, romantic and adventurous, Scenty’s Luna Scent Circle fills any of your spaces with a brilliant blend of white floral fragrances, juicy berries and the mystique of sandalwood. Capture the magic of a midnight, moonlit adventure by hanging or placing these small, expertly designed circles anywhere. Mystical and enticing jasmine is blended and balanced with a pop of innocent sweet pea and a touch of freesia, all highlighted by the warmth and spice of sandalwood, while an infusion of ripe, lush berries offers a pop of mystery. This brilliant combination offers to fill your car, closets, drawers and luggage with the appeal and adventure of a moonlit excursion.

Luna Scent Circle


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