Madame Butterfly Mint Scentsy Warmer


Buy Scentsy NowBeautifully serene, featuring delicate flowers and a lovely butterfly soaring, Scentsy’s Madam Butterfly MInt Premium Warmer is a perfect focal point for the powder room or your dressing table.

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Madame Butterfly Mint Scentsy Warmer

The delicate painting recalls antique porcelain, lending an heirloom feel to this naturally themed offering from the latest Scentsy collection. Grace is the essence of the Madame Butterfly Mint Scentsy Warmer, a peaceful and calming Home decor offering. The classic shape is simple and refined and the pastel mint green glazed ceramic glows from within when the warmer is lit. White-petaled flowers bloom against the lovely blue-green background, with a delicate but colorful butterfly hovering nearby in pink, yellow, white and black. Scent your world with this lovely warmer, elegant enough for living areas, celebrating the natural world.

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