Mochadoodle Scent Circle


It’s hard to believe the intensity of the Mochadoodle Scent Circle until you let it transport you to the perfect personal coffee shop in your mind.


Cocoa? Check. Caramel? Check. Freshly ground coffee beans? Check. A snowy drift of sweet whipped cream? You know it! Enjoy the fragrance of your favorite coffee shop treat before you even rub the sleep out of your eyes with the Mochadoodle Scent Circle. Hang it up wherever you need a jolt of a sweet cup of Joe. Place in the bathroom or in the car on the way to pick up that delicious elixir. An intoxicating mixture of cocoa, coffee, caramel and cream with an extra spoonful of sugar that will never give you the jitters, just an “ahhhh” moment.

Mochadoodle Scent Circle

Mochadoodle Scentsy Bar

Mochadoodle Scentsy Room Spray