Newborn Nursery Scent Pak


Our Newborn Nursery scent isn’t just for the baby’s room.


You can also take it with you wherever you go to remind yourself of your child’s sweetness. Our Scent Circle and Travel Tin can be kept in your car, purse, or even diaper bag to keep things smelling lovely. Snugly tucked in their tiny crib, your little one can peacefully drift to sleep, listening to you humming a sweet lullaby. The atmosphere of their nursery should be as mellow and relaxing as can be. You can help make it so by using our Newborn Nursery fragrance products. Our Newborn Nursery scent pak is as gentle and soft as your little sweetling herself. A light, powdery essence is created by a collection of clean, pure notes that are as dreamy as the bedtime tales you lovingly whisper to your baby.