Newborn Nursery Travel Tin


Take our Newborn Nursery Travel Tin anywhere you go for a blast of powdery freshness. Direct Shipping to your home or office via UPS.

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Slide open the metal Scentsy container anytime you need a quick burst of fresh aroma. Perfect for on the go moms to use in the car, diaper bag or anywhere you need just a little bit of Scentsy! Make sure her whole room is filled with this demure aroma by using our Scentsy Newborn Nursery Travel Tin. The gel never heats up to an unsafe temperature, so you’ll never have to worry about your tot hurting herself. Spritz our Room Spray every once in a while to keep the nursery smelling fresh. You can also hang a Scent Pak on the wall, place it in their wardrobe, or even stuff it inside one of our Baby Buddies to give your newborn a cuddly, fragrant pal.

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