Pumpkin Roll Room Spray


A few spritzes of Scentsy’s Pumpkin Roll Room Spray transports you to Grandma’s kitchen as the scrumptious baked goods for the upcoming family dinner are lined up on the counter cooling.

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Pumpkin Roll Room Spray

Creamy pumpkin pie filling, spiced just right, and tender golden cake are sprinkled with buttery, toasted pecans for a luscious smelling treat. When you want to create an ambiance of holiday harvest baking reach for the Pumpkin Roll Room Spray by Scentsy. Delectable aromas of spicy pumpkin, sweet yellow cake and crunchy pecans will have you looking for something warm from the oven cooling in the kitchen. This creamy, savory and buttery concoction hits all the right notes. A great portable way to make any room smell like home baking, embracing everyone in an aura that means family and love.

Pumpkin Roll Room Spray
Pumpkin Roll Room Spray

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