Satin Sheets Scentsy Travel Tin


Use our Satin Sheets Travel Tin to be treated to the decadent aroma of eastern sandalwood combined with an opulent blend of exotic vanillas. Direct Shipping to your home or office via UPS.

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This amazing fragrance is also available in our popular Scentsy Bar, Room Spray, Scent Circle, Scent Pak and Satin Sheets Scentsy Travel Tin. A cosmopolitan woman such as yourself prizes one thing above all: luxury. But contrary to popular belief, a love of luxury is not synonymous with materialism. In fact, it is a way of life that allows one to indulge in all pleasures, whether simple or extravagant. Whether you’re enjoying the rich, smooth flavor of a gourmet truffle, or taking in the breathtaking sights of a metropolis like Dubai, it’s your full experience of the world around you that feeds your passion. We’ve selected an elite blend of rich, exotic sandalwood with warm and sensual vanilla to appeal to those who appreciate the art of couture fashion, the beauty of the grandest cities, and the feeling of pure satisfaction.