/ ScenTrend 2013 Violet Leaf

ScenTrend 2013 Violet Leaf


Violet Leaf is best for when you’re looking to unwind and get back in touch with the natural world.

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Look out for new Scents this year that are great for pairing with ScenTrend Violet Leaf; they’ll be marked with the recognizable ScenTrend symbol! Mix things up this spring by exploring the newest addition to our ScenTrend collection. Each year, our Scentsy fragrance designers pick a new, trending base note that is used to revolutionize the coming year’s new fragrances. Violet Leaf brings a new wave of refreshment and emphasis on nature with its uniquely green essence.

This subtly herbaceous scent is invigorating, dewey, and organic. A slight hint of cucumber, melon, and floral notes are added to make the aroma complementary to many other fragrance types. It is perfect for turning your favorite aromas into even more soothing, rejuvenating versions.

You can become a fragrance designer too by adding a bit of our ScenTrend 2013 Violet Leaf to whatever scents you desire. You can get a scent of your choice and cause a scent-frenzy by combining your favorite Scentsy Bar with our Violet Leaf fragrance.