Scentsy Bergamot Essential Oil

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A one note wonder that often provides the backbone for sophisticated blends, Scentsy Bergamot Essential Oil represents the bitter fruit with a unique and ethereal scent no perfume house is without. Direct Shipping to your home or office via UPS.

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Break away from the common household fragrances with a touch of Scentsy Bergamot Essential Oil. From the citrus family but much less bold or tart, use this nuanced fragrance when you want a more evolved ambiance. More complex than the sharp tartness of lemons or limes this citrus is the elusive top note in a cup of Earl Grey tea, interestingly different and compelling. On its own it well may become your signature scent, causing visitors to ponder what makes your home of office smell so very inviting. Think seriously about using it in your own personal blends when lemon or orange is just too ordinary.