Scentsy Bonfire Beach Car Bar


A beach party of a Car Bar, Scentsy’s Bonfire Beach takes you back to carefree days by the sea, hanging around the glowing embers with your friends as the sun dipped below the horizon.


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Scentsy Bonfire Beach Car Bar

Relive the sweet times and sticky treats whenever you take a drive with this Scentsy offering. Every ride in the car is like a festive marshmallow roast near the sea with the Scentsy Bonfire Beach Car Bar. The cleverly shaped bar hangs from its own ribbon, drenched in the smell of good times and decadent treats enjoyed around the fire pit. The fresh notes of salty sea breezes and spray balance the essential flinty smell of sea washed rocks and burning sandalwood. Fun is had and memories are made here. This is our awesome version on your stinky car tree in a Scentsy Car Bar.

Scentsy Bonfire Beach Car Bar

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