Scentsy Calavera Sugar Skull Warmer


Expand your decorating possibilities with Scentsy, the Calavera Warmer an exciting addition to your collection. 6″ tall and uses a 20 watt lightbulb.

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Scentsy Calavera Sugar Skull Warmer

A beautiful representation of Mexican folk art, honor a loved one who has passed on with this colorful and hopeful Day of the Dead skull and celebrate your memories. Celebrate El Día de Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, with the fanciful Calavera warmer from Scentsy. Designed to replicate the sugar or clay masks created for this Mexican holiday. This Scentsy Calavera Sugar Skull Warmer presents a beautifully decorated skull, flowers and garlands commemorating the life of a dear departed loved one.

Take the time to reimagine the fall holidays with this intricately painted warmer, enchantingly different and sure to capture the hearts of your family and friends while it warms your favorite scent.

Scentsy Calavera Sugar Skull Warmer

Calavera Nightlight Scentsy Warmer

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