Scentsy Clear Essential Oil Blend


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Let a gentle breeze blow away the debris and you will achieve the clarity of thought that had been elusive when you add a few drops of Scentsy Clear Essential Oil Blend to your Scentsy Diffuser and let the invigorating notes of peppermint, eucalyptus and fir bring everything into focus, and then recline on a relaxing bower of lavender. To reach a fuller understanding of your reality — past, present and, most importantly, future — you must declutter your mind and Scentsy’s Clear Essential Oil Blend helps with the heavy lifting. Eucalyptus sweeps out the doubts and peppermint grabs your hand and assures you it will all fall in place. Sharp and piney fir needles improve focus, with lavender ready to support you as you explore your newly organized mind set. Trust that it is right.