Scentsy Dish Soap Pack of 3


Use a different scent to meet your mood when you purchase our Three Kitchen Soaps Multi-Pack.


Dishwashing will take you away with the luxuriously fragrant suds of this hard working dish soap, tough on even dried or cooked on food yet easy on your hands, nose and the environment. Washing the dishes is rarely compared with a spa treatment until the fragrance stylings of Scentsy’s Three Kitchen Soaps Multi-Pack grab your attention. These effective and ecologically friendly Scentsy Dish Soap Pack  clean away grease and food residue with a biodegradable formula the is free of phosphates and sulfates. Decadent fragrances make cleaning up after a yummy meal an unexpected pleasure and this Scentsy Multi-pack encourages you to choose up to three different scents at a hard to pass up discount.


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