Scentsy Honeymoon Hideaway Laundry Dryer Disk


A very affordable indulgence, the Honeymoon Hideaway Dryer Disk from Scentsy takes your laundry from dull to diva, a glorious scent and static cling control making laundry day luxurious.


Toss this disk in for more than a dozen loads of soft, static free and fluffy clothes and linens scented with kiwi, coconut and lily. Reduce static for up to 15 loads in the dryer with our Scentsy Honeymoon Hideaway Laundry Dryer Disk. This reusable disk softens and calms the snap, crackle and pop of mechanical drying while also adding a delicious smell that will take you back to the romance of the tropics. Imagine a snug little place right on a sandy beach, lilies swaying in the ocean breeze while the fragrance of fresh coconut and bright, tangy kiwi completes the effect. Pack of 3.

Scentsy Honeymoon Hideaway Laundry Dryer Disk

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