Scentsy Lampshade System


With the Scentsy Lampshade System, you’ll get a delightfully affordable kit that includes everything you need to start enjoying the innovative, illuminating Scentsy Lampshade warmer.


Simply pick a warmer design from five great choices and add three Scentsy bars from an impressively large catalog of scents. Your home will look lovely and smell sensational. What could be better than the beauty of Scentsy fragrance bars in your home? A warmer that steals the spotlight! The Scentsy Lampshade system allows you to enjoy your favorite Scentsy bars in style with an illuminated base that looks as gorgeous as it smells. The system allows you to select one of 5 gorgeous shapes and add 3 Scentsy bars to your package to try. This affordable home fragrance system gives you the best of both worlds, adding beauty for every sense into your favorite rooms. It also makes a delightful one-of-a-kind hostess gift for that special friend or family member in your life.

Scentsy Fragrance