Sugar Cookie Scentsy Bar


When you want to recall these feelings of comfort and warmth, you can use our Sugar Cookie Scentsy Bar to bring the mouth-watering aroma of your baked delights into the room.


Sugar Cookie Scentsy Bar

Your whole family will be soothed by notes of buttery batter, smooth vanilla, and a sprinkling of sweet sugar from our Sugar Cookie Scentsy Bar. You’re always at your happiest on those special saturdays, when your little ones are home from school, and you can spend the day treating them to your masterfully made confections. But their favorite part of those days isn’t biting into one of your irresistible sugar cookies, it’s getting in the kitchen and helping you prepare. There’s nothing more heartwarming than watching their little hands get to work, measuring ingredients for you and dutifully helping you mix the dough.


Sugar Cookie Scentsy


Complete the experience with an authentic Scentsy Warmer or Diffuser. Choose from dozens of stunning designs!

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