Sugared Cherry Scentsy Room Spray


Fall is teasing and winter is calling so conquer all with Scentsy’s Sugared Cherry Room Spray.

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Sugared Cherry Scentsy Room Spray

Wonderfully welcoming and bright with many fruity scents, smoothed with a frosting of sparkling vanilla sugar. Blow a farewell kiss to summer and move forward into this heady richness. The final fruits of summer and early fall are so precious that Sugared Cherry Scentsy Room Spray takes full advantage of their rich, ripe aromas to scent your living and working spaces. Concord grapes and the last of the cherries welcome bright jewels of pomegranate, hinting of winter with glossy red candied apples sprinkled with drifts of vanilla sugar. Cover the transitions with a spritz of this layered spray, everything you have and are looking forward to in one fragrance.