Sunkissed Citrus Room Spray


Wishing that you could get more out of life, but just don’t have the energy to make it happen?


Sunkissed Citrus Room Spray

When you breathe in our Sunkissed Citrus Room Spray and it’s sparkling blend of pink grapefruit, oranges, lemons, and limes, you’ll be invigorated with a bright new energy that will allow you to seize the day! Turn any room of your home, your office or even that stuffy hotel suite into a tropical oasis with Scentsy’s Sunkissed Citrus Room Spray. Clear the air and expand your mind with this zesty mix of lilting lemon, tickled pink grapefruit, uplifting lime and juicy orange. Transform a gloomy day or a chilly season into a sunny vacation among the citrus groves with a spray or two of this magical elixir, tingling with sparkling notes of fresh, tangy juice and zest.


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