Thunderstorm Scentsy Room Spray


Our Thunderstorm Scentsy Room Spray is like the calm before the storm, let this refreshing down pour of fragrance take over your room with just a few sprays.

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Thunderstorm Scentsy Room Spray. It’s only a dull grumble that you hear just before you peek out your window. Your eyes meet the sight of gray clouds looming ominously overhead, and swiftly riding the howling wind in your direction. A twinge of excitement grows inside of you, and leaps up in ecstasy as you hear the first violent crash of the thunderheads rolling in the coming of a storm. While most find tempests to be fearsome, a wild, bold spirit like you embraces this spectacle of nature’s true power. You rush out the door, ready to meet the icy rain, bellowing gusts, and clamor of thunder and lightning.