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Titanium Scentsy Bar


Our Titanium Scentsy bar is Green notes of sprouting herbs combine with the woodiness of cedar and luster of silver birch to create an aroma fully reminiscent of a forest after a spring deluge.

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The night was long, with a torrent of rain that violently poured onto your roof and the deep darkness of a cloud-concealed sky. But now, the morning has come, and with the first light of dawn, you can see that the rains have left behind a world that is teeming with life and the sparkle of dew. The songbirds joyfully announce the passing of the weather as you venture out into the woods, and you delightedly inhale the rich, earthy scent that wafts up from the soaked black earth. Enjoy this level of refreshment even when the rains have long passed by using our Titanium Scentsy Bar.