/ University of Georgia Scentsy Warmer

University of Georgia Scentsy Warmer


A top 10 public ivy league school, the UGA not only holds a daunting list of academic accomplishments, but an impressive roster of notable alumni as well.

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Numerous governors, actors, CEO’s, athletes, and revolutionary scientists have obtained degrees from UGA, and many have returned to pass on their wisdom to younger Bulldog generations through positions as professors and coaches. When students come to the University of Georgia, they know that they are setting foot on the grounds of the oldest and largest college in the entire United States. Founded in 1785, the school offers an intriguing insight into our country’s history and the roots of colonial America. This presents a major opportunity to students, which easily explains the eagerness of each new class of freshmen. If you wish to inspire the hopeful student in your life, give them a symbol of excellence. A symbol of achievement. Our University of Georgia Scentsy Warmer.