Weathered Leather Scentsy Bar


Weathered Leather’s rugged essence is comprised of the smell of a pioneer saddle shop, with rich suede, tooled leather, polishing oils, and a woody base of oak floorboards and saddle racks.


Weathered Leather Scentsy Bar

One of the most charming tales your man ever told you about his childhood was about the way he’d spend every Saturday watching classic western films with his father. Seeing the rough and tumble heroes of the new frontier always inspired him, and as a young chap, he’d practice his gunslinging moves with that prized toy gun. Now, he may have grown out of his boy sized boots, but he’s never lost his love for the ways of the cowboy. You can give him a warm feeling of nostalgia while appealing to his masculine senses by using our Weathered Leather Scentsy Bar.

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