Weathered Leather Travel Tin


The stables of the old west were full of the rich scent of aged leather, and now you can experience the same thing with the Scentsy Weathered Leather Travel Tin.


A unique mix of soft suede, worn leather and a hint of embossed warmth brings the simple charm of a leather worker’s workshop to your car or home. You can still get the simple, laid-back atmosphere of an old-fashioned saddle shop with the Scentsy Weathered Leather Travel Tin. This conveniently sized tin offers the rich, complex fragrances of tooled leather, soft suede and perfectly aged saddles with the touch of a thumb. Simply slide the cover open as much as you like to intensify the scent, and slide it closed for a softer scent experience. Whether you keep it in your car, home, or tucked in with your favorite belongings, one sniff of this unique medley will transport you to simpler times down on the range.