Whoot Owl Scentsy Warmer


Our Whoot Owl Scentsy Warmer will be a charming addition to your autumnal decor, especially once you’ve dimmed the lights.

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Whoot Owl Scentsy Warmer

Turn on this Whoot Owl Scentsy Warmer, and he’ll glow with a golden radiance that will fill the room with an intriguing ambiance. Up among the howling branches is perched a feathered friend, waiting for his nightly chance of flight and spooking all with his hoots of delight. The fall is the Owl’s favorite time of year, for not only are the tree’s best branches becoming clear, but the winds of the season flow in lifting gusts beneath his wings.

He loves the feeling the crisp evening air glide between his feathers, and the echo of his call resounding beneath the Harvest moon. Though he may be quite comfy nestled upon an evergreen bough, he’ll be even cozier snuggled up inside your home. Bring this wise little owl into your home by purchasing our new Whoot Scentsy Warmer.

Who? Who waits in the trees for the fall of night? Whose eyes shine with the gleam of the moon so bright? Whoot, that’s who! Our new Scentsy Warmer is a charming new addition to our fall collection of warmers, and he’ll be an even better complement to your seasonal decor.

Scentsy Owl Warmer
Scentsy Owl Warmer $35
Whoot Owl Warmer Dish
Whoot Owl Warmer Dish


Whoot Nightlight Warmer
Whoot “The Owl” Nightlight Warmer


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