Buy Scentsy warmers and scents from our online store. Want Instant fragrance — anytime, anywhere? That’s Scentsy Go, the portable, compact, cordless fragrance system designed to enliven any small space with our signature scents. Order Spring and Summer candle products, fragrance wax and essential oil diffusers that will ship direct to your home or office. Our Best selling product is our Scentsy Bars –  Fragrant wax melts that make your house smell magnificent! 

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Running out of your favorite products can be a nightmare! Scentsy Club lets you schedule regular shipments of consumables (aka the stuff that runs out) delivered directly to you, so you get it before disaster strikes. There are no fees to join the Scentsy Club subscription program, and there are no minimum or maximum purchase requirements. You pay only for the products you order, plus any applicable tax and shipping charge. Once your subscription total reaches $30 (product retail amount), you automatically will receive a 10% discount for that subscription. This discount will remain as long as you have at least $30 worth of Scentsy Club products in your subscription. The 10% discount does not include or cover sales tax.

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Once you sign up, we offer the training and support you need to get all the way to the beach (and beyond). Make the opportunity yours by running your business, your way!

2018 scentsy spring and summer catalog

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Ready to be your own boss and set your own hours? Start your own business for as little as $99 US / $119 CA. This is a big deal! Here’s why:

Sounds dreamy, right? Owning your own business and working whenever you want? Earning 20 to 36 percent commissions and bonuses for sharing products you love? Doing something fun alongside a group of really amazing people (your new friends!) and finally feeling truly independent? That’s because it is.

Your family, your community, a need. We want to help you support the people and causes you love. Each season, Consultants submit ideas for a new Charitable Cause product and a philanthropic organization to support. What matters to you? Let us help you give back.

Twice a year during Spring and Summer in March or Fall and Winter in September, MILLIONS of fans crowd around a new collection of fragrances and explore all the new ways to experience them. Joining in March or September is like launching your business on the fast track — and who wants to wait until March?

And run your business how you want. Our company is special because it’s made up of thousands of incredibly unique and passionate people. It starts at the home office, where we have a big team working hard every day to support you. We provide you with a ton of training and tools, but ultimately your business is YOURS.

So what does $99 US / $119 CA really mean to you? With a new business it can mean a fresh start. 

 Start your own business.

Top 10 Reasons to Join Scentsy

10. Work as much or as little as you care to. What kind of job offers you that freedom?

9. The BEST training tools that give you everything you need to be successful. You may be in business for yourself, but we are here to help you ALWAYS!

8. Earn extra play money or earn enough to support your family, YES BOTH are possible with some work.
7. Work in ANY state, NO TERRITORIES you can take your business with you if you move.
6. Our Product is unmatched – something you can stand behind and be proud of. Scentsy products are a household name, no other wax comes close and are easy to sell.
5. Corporate office is family friendly and offers incentives including all-expense paid trips all over the world. Africa, Greece, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Amsterdam to name a few!
4. Freedom on how you choose to work your business – online, vendor events, home parties, fundraisers, one on one – your choice. Many work directly off Facebook and do very well.
3. Be an independent business owner with an industry leading fortune 500 Company that has brand recognition and has won numerous Direct Sales awards.
2. On trend products – if you’re not a wax candle person, then sell our oil diffusers and essential oils. We have a awesome Bath & Body Line line and our laundry products are all the rage.
1. Buy from yourself and receive commission on all your own purchases up to 30% *

2015 Shining Stars

Scentsy Shinning Star


Congratulations to Christina and Shawn Osburn!

Each year, we receive letters from around the globe nominating Consultants for our annual Shining Star Award, an award that goes to the person who best represents our mission to Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses and Inspire the Soul.

These leaders LIVE Scentsy! Through their hard work, versatility and heart, our Shining Stars have reimagined their lives and the lives of others with Scentsy. Every day they share their spirit and help others do the same.

At Scentsy Family Reunion 2015, we were thrilled to announce our five 2015 Shining Star finalists and officially name our 2015 Shining Stars: Christina and Shawn Osburn!

“Excitement leads to opportunities. Opportunities lead to growth. Growth leads to success. Success leads to inspiration. Inspiration leads to blessings. Blessings show us how to be thankful. I am thankful for Scentsy every day!”

 Here is an excerpt from one of their nomination letters:

Christina and Shawn have been the Scentsy standard to which I aspire. They have often reminded me to start every day as if it’s my first day as a Consultant, to harness that excitement and energy each morning.

They keep the business simple. Each time they have shared their wisdom and insight with me, they have challenged me to create simple and effective ways to reimagine my business. They have taught me how to replicate myself and in turn have given me the opportunity to learn how to replicate their success.

They are Scentsy Spirit. They are the ultimate cheerleaders to every Scentsy Consultant they meet. I hope that I can be like them someday: The bright light that shines for Scentsy.


How safe is Scentsy?

We love good fragrance, and we love people more. We wouldn’t dare risk the health and wellness of our families, Consultants, customers and fans. Our mission is to bring value to the world!

Here are a few reasons why you can warm those Scentsy Bars or spritz a Room Spray without worry:

1. Our products DO NOT contain harmful VOCs

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): Sounds scary, right?? Especially “volatile,” which in this case only refers to a substance’s tendency to evaporate. Evaporation? Not so scary.

Most people use the term VOC to refer to something harmful, like an air pollutant. But the truth is you breathe VOCs every time you smell a bouquet of flowers or cook with fresh garlic. Without VOCs we would live in a fragrance-free world! And what kind of world would that be?

Some VOCs, like formaldehydes, are harmful. Our fragrance products do not contain or release ANY harmful VOCs. They are all formaldehyde-free.

2. Our products DO comply with EPA regulations

Scentsy fragrance products are specially formulated and tested to comply with all federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, the International Fragrance Association’s Code of Practice, the European Union’s REACH requirements and the California Air Resources Board regulations, all of which restrict the use of fragrance ingredients that pose a risk to consumer health or the environment. Yay! We also require the fragrance houses we work with to be active members of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). The IFRA determines which ingredients are safe and at what levels, by product.

3. Our products DO only contain safe ingredients
• Are some synthetic ingredients potentially harmful to your health and the environment? YES!
• Are some NATURAL ingredients potentially harmful, depending on how they’re used? YES!
• Do we USE those harmful natural or synthetic ingredients in any of our fragrance products? NO!

Unique and special Scentsy Warmers

One look at an authentic Scentsy Warmer, and you know it’s not like any other product on the market.

Handcrafted by skilled artisans, our Scentsy Warmers are beautifully designed and meticulously finished with discriminating details to create a functional work of art for your home.

Over the years we have unveiled exciting new designs, Warmer types and finishes to keep surprising you with our innovation and style.

One of our most popular Warmer finishes is our reactive glaze. This particular glaze, when applied across a line of ceramic Warmers and then kiln-fired, imparts a variety of color and character to the finish. In fact, the result may vary within several shades of the image featured in our catalog. Although the design of a Warmer is established, the reactive glaze gives each piece a handcrafted look that our customers have come to know and love. Warmers created with a reactive glaze, such as Love Your Journey and Frenchie, are identified in the catalog with an R in a red circle.

Another technique we use to create one-of-a-kind Warmers is hand painting. Look for Warmers with an H in a purple circle to find which ones feature hand-painted accents, carefully and individually applied. These Warmers highlight the superior quality of our craft and show off the artistry behind their designs. Check out our kitschy No Place Like Home, Burlap Star and Home is Where My Cat Is for hand-painted Warmers with a retro edge!


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