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Nothing awakens your mood or brightens up your space like our handcrafted Scentsy Diffuser. Now available in ten stunning designs to offer you a completely personalized fragrance experience. Be ready to enhance your fragrance experience like no other, each decorative shade is sure to go with any home decor from modern to mid-century. First thing is to pick the shade that fits your home-decor and pick a few of our select Scentsy Oils. Talk about easy to use, feel up the Diffuser with water to the fill line with purified water and a few drops of your essential oil. Now for our favorite part. Each Scentsy Diffuser comes with 16 different lighting settings to choose from. You choose the mood. Our   ultrasonic nebulizing diffusers also have two time settings, four or eight hours. The unit automatically shuts off but the light stays on as a decorative piece. Do not forget - Ours has a Lifetime Warranty!