Warmer Accessories - Replacement Dish & Bulbs

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Fragrances flow with Scentsy’s Warmer Accessories. Extra dishes and lids to swap out scents or repair a mishap are always available, and stylish or fanciful wraps and inserts await updating your warmer collection. We carry Replacement Scentsy Light bulbs for all warmers and Scentsy Stands that protect furniture and add decorative detail, keeping your Scentsy collection ready for action. Don’t worry, a burnt out Light Bulb doesn’t mean it’s the end for your favorite Scentsy Warmer! When you’ve got one of our Authentic Scentsy Light Bulbs on standby, you can easily replace a Bulb that’s fizzled out. Keep a few on hand and resume your fragrance experience without a hitch. We stock 15 watt for your Nightlight Warmers, 20 Watt for the small to medium size warmers and 25 watt light bulbs for the larger and full size Scentsy Warmers. Never use any light bulb over 25 watts as our warmers are not meant to be used with them and could dame your warmer. Always use Authentic Scentsy Bulbs to be safe!