50 Tips to Build Your Scentsy Business Today

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Are you feeling a tad lost in your new Scentsy business? It is perfectly normal: relax, you are not alonel. Every new Direct Sales Newbie has wondered what to do next at least once. Heck even the SSD’s need a push evry now and again. These easy to follow comprehensive Scentsy Business Tips are exactly what you and your business needs to keep going.


Now is not the time to panic! The only true failure is giving up before we start. A successful Business takes time. Not Day’s or Months! It most cases a couple of years. Do not this deter you! What is your ultimate goal??

Now is the time to use these Business Tips to keep your momentum moving. Also, revisit often to keep your business on the right track. Always move forward, one step at a time. This is not a race but a true life changer if you truly put forth the effort.


1. Join Social Media interest groups and focus on making genuine friends.

2. Talk to people! When you are asked: “what do you do?” Let them know that you own a small (or large) Scentsy business. Give them card/details. Talk yourself up. Believe in you.

3. Set goals. Where will you focus your efforts? Ex: How many parties will you book? How many members
will you add to your team?

4. Create 10-20 samples a week. Hand them to everyone? You have no idea who may want a product like ours. Tip! Do not forget to ask for follow up details to find out what they thought! Get a email or phone number.

5. Make a plan. How will you take action? Ex: How many people will you ask to book a party? How many will you
ask to join your team?

6. Put your Scentsy Testers to work! Bring them to work, socials or any get together’s! Share your favorite products with friends and coworkers. https://vimeo.com/290352971/739e3c280c

7. Work with your Sponsor to get your launch event scheduled and your guests invited right away.

8. Brand yourself with Scentsy shirts, totes or even keychains everywhere you go. Always carry catalogs, samples and business cards. When you hand something out, be sure to get contact info so you can
follow up. Never be Scentsy Naked.

9. Advertise everywhere you go! Your car is the perfect billboard! Order a Scentsy Vinyl from the Scentsy Family Store and people will see you Rolling down the highway. Tip – Make your website view-able!

10. Escential Consultants (that’s you!) earn 20% commission on PRV. Certified Consultants (that’s you, after you earn at least 1,000 PRV) earn 25% commission! After that, each promotion brings more income and bonus
opportunities — especially when you start building a team. TIP* Sell $1000 your first month to get 25%

11. Scentsy Club lets you schedule shipments of your favorite Scentsy consumables (akathe stuff that runs out) right to your customer’s door. Visit scentsy.com/ScentsyClub for full details.

12. Source other party planners/Direct Sellers in your local area and host a shopping night. You all invite as many of your customers as possible. Also make sure the other party planners/Direct Sellers do the same. Share the love!.

13. Scentsy products need to be experienced! And there’s just no better way to share fragrance love than in person — at home, at your favorite coffee shop or in the breakroom.

14. To ensure that no one forgets what you do , label everything. We use labels with our photo. When someone mentions Scentsy, let your face be the first image that comes into their mind.

15. Donate products to a local charity night or auction. Tip* Attend the event as it’s a great way to network, meet potential new customers and raise your Scentsy business profile locally.

16. Basket party – Have a busy Host? No biggie. Just fill a basket with Fragrance Testers, catalogs, order forms and business cards. Your Host can take the basket to work, school, the gym, church, sporting events — wherever — to share Scentsy fragrances, collect orders and get closer to maxing out their Host Rewards!

17. Give Scentsy products as gifts. Make sure they are all labeled. When they run out of soaps or cleaners, who will they call? Boom!

18. Fundraisers – When you host a Scentsy fundraiser, you agree to donate a portion of your commission to a charitable cause or organization. You’ll get new contacts, customers and potential Hosts (don’t forget to label

19. Stay in contact with your customers. Ask them how they liked the products & if you can help them with anything else. Let them know you are having a personal special & wanted to offer it to them!

20. Create a loyalty/referral program. This is a good way to privately reward your customers for supporting you and your business. Remember personal specials must be private.


You are strong

21. Fairs & shows – Scan your community calendars for local fairs and trade shows. It’s a great way to meet new people (and find new party Hosts)! You don’t need to spend a lot to rent booth space at really large events.
Sometimes the smaller events — like church or block parties — can provide a big return on your investment!

22. Sometimes your customers just want to shop! Sure, you could send them to your PWS, but meeting them in person — at their home, the coffee shop, the office — helps build those connections so important to your business.

23. Create a customer newsletter. Use a free online system like Madmimi or Mail Chimp to publish a monthly e-newsletter to your existing customer contacts. Share any New products or Specials coming out You can also do a giveaway or personal special for instance – Free Scent Circle with every $30 purchase. Include a party id such as  https://scentbars.scentsy.us/?partyId=10310181

24. Give a Scent Circle to your Trash collector, UPS Driver, Teacher, ect. – follow up with them later and ask them what they thought!

25. Ask your regular Doctor and/or specialists if you can provide catalogues for their waiting room. Likewise offer them a loan warmer or even a Scentsy Basket Party.

26. Create business “borrow bags” and get your Scentsy stash out working for you. Hair dressers, beauticians, chiropractors are great places to lend a warmer or diffuser to (they also love Scentsy Washer Whiffs for their towels) – but the only limit is your imagination!

27. Have one on one coffee dates with people to share Scentsy products. Some people won’t host a party, or even come to one. Another loyal customer could be one personal sip n’ sniff away though, right?

28. Contact previous customers, friends and three potential new customers each week. Do not try to sell them something!  Just contact them just to say thank you. As a result you have created a chance to give/send them a Scent Circle or Scentsy Laundry Sample. Focus on people that have never been to one of your Scentsy parties. Invite them to host or attend your next party.

29. Always take samples and product packets everywhere you go. Keep some in the car and some in your bag. Give to anyone that you say hello to. Your passion and love for your Scentsy business tips the balance between being a good consultant and a great one! Bonus points for asking them for follow up details to ask them for their feedback!

30. Stock up on Scent Circles, label them with your details and hand them out for great customer service, random acts of kindness, or trade out other hanging fresheners that you see people using in their vehicles – people will love you for it!


31. Flip your Host – Offer to give them the commission you earn from their party if they join — they can consider it their launch event! It’s a major incentive — they get paid AND the sales count toward new Consultant awards! They’re already on the fast track to becoming a GREAT new member of your team.

32. Update your Personal Website (PWS) with a and share the link to an open party. Add a real photo of you or your family. Show people who they are supporting. People buy from people, NOT products!

33. Learn from Scentsy leaders! https://vimeo.com/179233745/f4c23f6312
We asked some of our top leaders what they wish they knew when they first joined as a Scentsy Consultants.

34. Use molds or felt samples to share Scentsy wax with your customers.

35. Home parties: Scentsy products are made to be experienced – that’s what makes Scentsy home parties so fun! Your Hosts pick a date and invite their friends and family. You’ll give a quick demonstration and encourage guests to sample the fragrances. Then you’ll collect the orders and tell everyone how they can earn free and half-price products by hosting a party of their own, or earn a commission by joining your team.

36. When you use a rental car from a mechanic, grab a cab, or slide into a Uber ride. Put a scent circle in them labelled with your details on the plastic.

37. Make videos and post on YOUTUBE! People want to see products in video.  Create ‘how to’ videos or even show people your Scentsy business support crew, team or your work space. Videos help to build that essential trust.

38. Have a photo of your Scentsy business card on your phone. If you have strike up a Scentsy conversation with someone you can text them your business card on the spot. Boom you then have their number for future follow ups.

39. Google AdWords campaign to send customers/hosts/recruits to your PWS. Reach your customers in the moments that matter. Get your ad on Google today. Show Up Online. Show Ads Locally. Advertise On YouTube. Advertise On Mobile. Help Customers Find You. Pick Your Budget. Styles: Search Ads, Banner Ads, Video Ads, Mobile Ads, App Ads.

40. Use community boards. Another great resource that no one thinks about! Always keep your eyes peeled for physical community cork boards at your local supermarket and pharmacy. Use your own fliers but make sure you get permission from the managers.


41. Always have an active PWS. For the price of $10 a month (after the initial first 3 months free) you can create a much bigger customer base by marketing your links to products and/or and open party. Not to mention that if someone you don’t know makes a purchase, you will then have their details for customer follow ups!

42. Create an external website blog. Blogs are great opportunities to extend your digital marketing strategy. A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts). Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page. Keep your blog updated with quality content and both Google and web visitors will love you for it.

43. Talk to all the vendors from whom you buy products or services. Follow your money trail and you will find business owners are much more receptive. Give them your business card, and ask if they can use your products, or if they know anyone who can. If they have bulletin boards where business cards are displayed (printers often do, and so do some supermarkets, hairdressers, etc.), ask if your Scentsy business can be added to the board.

44. Connect with other Family Consultants this week. Your Sponsor, Director or SSD to get new ideas for business building.

45. Step up your branding visibility. Make it your mission to wear Scentsy apparel any time you are in public. Brand your car, carry a Scentsy drink bottle, use a Scentsy planner for your day job etc. You never know whose eye you might catch.

46. Have a laundry challenge for your customers asking them to let you bring the Scentsy laundry products over to do a load of their wash while you browse the catalog together. Let the smelling do the selling!

47. Advertise in small community publications or school newsletters. Build a local following.

48. Offer to “lend” a Scentsy Warmer to someone who does not have one for the next couple weeks. Supply a few different fragrances like Clothesline and Black Raspberry Vanilla.

49. Post a “What is your favorite fragrance” poll on Facebook. Based on responses, follow up with those who posted to recommend Scentsy products available in their fragrances.

50. Ask your customers what products they have not tried but would like too! Provide them with samples to try. Follow up and find out how they liked them.

Scentsy Shinning Star

Bonus Tips

51. Introduce yourself to all your neighbors in your neighborhood by introducing yourself. Be sure to give them your business card so they can contact you. A great way of handing out cards without saying buy from me.

52. Set up a Scentsy business profile or page for LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Furthermore be sure your business profile includes a good description, keywords and a link to your website. Also look for groups or conversations that talk about your type of products or services and participate in the conversations, but don’t spam them with constant promos for what you sell.

53. Join Facebook groups that interest you. Always have a signature that has your Scentsy info, therefore people will see what you do without you bringing it up.

54. Ask a family member or close friend to take a small set of testers to work with them. They can simply set them out on their desk. Maybe ask that they be more assertive and try for as many orders as possible? (What have we got to lose?).

55. Post about how much fun you are having with your Scentsy business. Follow up with those who comment on your post to see if they would be interested in a catalog or if they want to have fun with you by Joining your Scentsy team!. 

56. Tell everyone why you joined Scentsy. When you share your passion, it will spread.

57. Be enthusiastic, vocal and proud about our wonderful products and business opportunity. Share personal and/or relatable stories with everyone you meet. If you’re excited it shines through and is noticeably authentic.

58. We email a newsletter with all the latest products and promos to your subscribed customers on the first Wednesday of each month. We can only send it to the contacts you upload to your Workstation, so be sure to ask for email addresses and check the “Newsletter subscriber” box when you plug in their info! They can unsubscribe at any time.

59. Pin your business on Google Maps and make use of free listing services online like “True Local”. People still search for products and service providers via Google. Therefore making sure your business is listed just makes ‘scents’, right? Furthermore, it’s free and will certainly help with your search engine marketing.

60. Scent & Warmer of the Month Combo Kit – Starting at $60/month (plus shipping) With this subscription, you get all the Scent of the Month Kit contents, plus the exclusive Warmer of the Month! We call our Monthly Specials WOTM and SOTM! Bet you can’t guess which is which. Subscribe to our Monthly Specials kits on the Account tab.



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The key is to use the information that you have been given and come back as often as you wish to refresh! The time is NOW for you to make it happen and to reach the finish line. Please let us know if the above tips provide leverage to your Scentsy Business. Here is to a bright future with your Direct Sales Business!