Scentsy Glossary

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Scentsy Glossary

An account status achieved when
you earn at least 200 points in PRV
in one calendar month. Activity,
or being active, in at least one
month during any consecutive
four-month period is a requirement
for remaining current.
The amount paid out to leaders
(Lead Consultants and above) as a
percentage of Personal Wholesale
Volume (PWV) on personal sales
and Team Wholesale Volume (TWV)
on downline Consultant sales.
The compensation for your
personal sales of commissionable
Compensation Plan
The various levels of compensation
you can earn as you advance to
different Consultant levels.
If you are active for one or more
months within the most recent
four-month period, you are current
and therefore eligible to place
orders, receive commissions and
retain downline.
Director (Q)
The title assigned to any Director,
Star Director or SuperStar Director
once they have not qualified for the
Director rank for three consecutive
months. This title may only be held
for a total of three months.
Any Consultants that you sponsor
and the Consultants they sponsor
and so forth, including all levels
and generations.

All Consultants on your first level
either sponsored by you or as the
result of a roll up.
The arrangement of all Directors
and their teams in your downline.
Your entire downline.
Group Wholesale Volume (GWV)
The sum of the Personal Wholesale
Volume (PWV) of all members in
your group.
Home Country
The country you specified during
the enrollment process.
Each Consultant sponsored into
your downline, whether by you
or another Consultant in your
downline, is organized into a
structure that is based on layers
of sponsorship.
Lifetime PRV (LPRV)
The sum total of all Personal
Retail Volume (PRV) you have
accumulated on your account from
your enrollment date to the present
date. LPRV is not lost or reset as a
result of an account cancellation.
Peg rate
A calculation applied to Personal
Retail Volume (PRV) that converts
PRV points to local currency to
pay commissions.
Perpetual Party Reward
When a guest at a party books their
own party, the original Host will
receive an additional half-price item
if they attend that qualifying party.

Personal Retail Volume (PRV)
The point value of commissionable
products you sell. PRV is a global point
system converted to local currency
using a peg rate.
Personal Website (PWS)
A tool to help you promote your
business, collect online orders,
announce online parties and
sponsor new Consultants.
Personal Wholesale Volume (PWV)
75 percent of Personal Retail
Volume (PRV).
Personally Enrolled Consultant (PEC)
A Consultant who selects you as their
Sponsor at the time of their enrollment.
A monthly qualification used to
determine your rate of compensation.
Countries that Scentsy has grouped
together for sales and marketing
Roll Up
When your account is cancelled, or if
you elect to lock your account into a
non-sponsoring account, your downline
moves up one level and becomes your
Sponsor’s frontline.
Scentsy Family Foundation
Offers philanthropic support through
scholarships, direct donations and
community-based causes and
charitable cause products.
Your immediate upline who is a
current Consultant.
Starter Kit
A selection of training materials,
demonstration products and business
supplies that you are required to
purchase upon enrollment.
You and all Consultants in your
downline, excluding Directors
and their downline.
Team Wholesale Volume (TWV)
The sum of the Personal Wholesale
Volume (PWV) of all Consultants on
your team.
Generally, the highest rank achieved by
a Consultant to date. A Consultant’s title
only changes by advancement, except
when Directors don’t meet Director
rank requirements.
Training Center
A centralized location for all training
content available to Scentsy
Consultants. Access the Training
Center from your Workstation.
This includes the Consultant who
sponsored you, their Sponsor and
so forth.
This is the heart of your business, where
you place and track orders, set up your
events, track sales, get information on
news and events and much more. Log
in with your Consultant ID number
or username and password.

If you have any questions please consult with your sponsor or contact us here.