Delight in new Disney “it’s a small world” products

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Key takeaways: What: Walt Disney World: “it’s a small world” − Scentsy Warmer and Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed − Scentsy Bar

When: Consultant early access available from 10 a.m. PT Monday, Nov. 6, until 11:59 p.m. PT Thursday, Nov. 30. Collection available to customers starting at 12:01 a.m. PT Friday, Dec. 1 . Queuing system will be in place.

Where: Early access available through your Workstation. Collection available through your Workstation and Personal Website (PWS).

Cost: See purchasing options below.

Thanks to our continued partnership with Disney, we’re overjoyed to announce a special warmer and fragrance inspired by the iconic attraction “it’s a small world.” An “it’s a small world” warmer has been highly requested by you and your customers! The new Walt Disney World: “it’s a small world” − Scentsy Warmer features an instantly recognizable, whimsical Mary Blair-inspired design with hand-painted details and individually applied foil accents. An interior glass shade is lined with multicultural characters reminiscent of those in the attraction. And when you turn the motor on to rotate the shade, the clock face ticks as the wax dish turns around. This piece is a beautiful display of all that the attraction represents — peace, harmony and beauty. This joyful warmer pairs perfectly with the exclusive fragrance designed specifically for our Disney “it’s a small world” products, Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed.

These products will be available starting Dec. 1, but you can sample the new fragrance with early access — available to Consultants from Nov. 6-30! Limited to two Scentsy Bars per Consultant, while supplies last.

Available Nov. 6-30 Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed − Scentsy Bar, $6.50 Set sail on a magical journey where cheerful Peruvian lime, sunny apple and sweet fruit sugar live in harmony.

Here are the purchasing options: New! Walt Disney World: “it’s a small world” − Scentsy Warmer, $85 New! Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed – Scentsy Bar, $6.50

Its a small world Scentsy Warmer