Popular Scentsy Bars

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You can enjoy Scentsy Fragrance in a variety of ways. Popular Scentsy bars are used in conjunction with Scentsy Warmers, also referred to as a Scentsy System, as an alternative to traditional candles. With over 80 different scents you are bound to find a favorite. Our current favorite is Sheer Leather – Slip into something more sensual, like Bergamot, a subtle hint of Leather and sandal wood .  Another Scentsy Fragrance product is our Scent Paks. Our mesh wrapped scent fragrance  can be tossed, hung, or stashed anywhere you wish. Scent Paks can also be placed inside the zippered pocket of a soft and cuddly Scentsy Buddy. Want fragrances for your car?  Scent Circles can hang freely in cars, lockers, and closets. Travel Tins are portable and convenient, simply open your Travel Tin to release the Scentsy fragrance. Try Our Scentsy Weathered Leather Travel Tin , a must have scent for any vehicle.

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