Amazon Rain Car Bar


Delivers fragrance for up to 30 days. Hang it from the rear view mirror and breathe in a new adventure! Shop here and have your Scentsy products delivered to your home or office.


The Amazon Rain Car Bar offers a convenient and refreshing way to infuse your car with the invigorating scent of a rainforest adventure. Designed to deliver fragrance for up to 30 days, this car bar allows you to enjoy the captivating aroma of Amazon Rain while on the go.

To experience the fragrance, simply hang the Amazon Rain Scentsy Car Bar from your rearview mirror. As you drive, the scent will gently fill your car’s interior, creating an atmosphere that’s reminiscent of a rainforest after a rainfall. The notes of melon, orange zest, coconut milk, and night-blooming jasmine combine to evoke a sense of tranquility and exploration, making each journey a new adventure for your senses.

Packed with the essence of nature’s tranquility, the Scentsy Car Bar not only provides a delightful fragrance experience but also transforms your car into a haven of calm and rejuvenation. Whether you’re commuting to work, embarking on a road trip, or simply running errands, the scent of Amazon Rain can make your travels more enjoyable and refreshing.

Purchasing Scentsy products, including the Car Bar, is made easy through online shopping. You can have your chosen Scentsy products conveniently delivered to your home or office, ensuring that you’re always well-stocked with your favorite fragrances.

Incorporating the Scented Car Bar into your daily routine is a small yet impactful way to elevate your car rides. With its lasting fragrance and the promise of a new olfactory adventure, the Amazon Rain Car Bar brings the essence of the rainforest to your travels, allowing you to breathe in the beauty of nature with every drive.

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