Apple S’Mores Scentsy Bar


Sweet and smokey, a fragrance that will delight young and old alike, Apple S’Mores Scentsy Bar has raised the bar and leapt right over it. Available while supplies last.


Apple S’Mores Scentsy Bar

Apple S’Mores Scentsy Bar, Like a creamy caramel apple sliced and smothered in melted, cedarwood toasted marshmallow, dusted with vanilla and cinnamon. Yum does not even begin to do it justice. Oh. My. Graham crackers, the Apple S’More Fragrance Bar is beyond words, a treat for the “scentses” you simply must have this Fall. The perfect example of more is not enough, the fragrance starts with just picked apple glazed with cinnamon and a kiss of coconut milk, but then adds roasted marshmallows, the cedarwood that did the toasting and vanilla crème. Overwhelming? No — just perfect to welcome the cooler nights and golden days of autumn.


Apple Smores Scentsy