Around the Campfire Scentsy Bar


Around the Campfire Scentsy Bar is perfect for anyone who loves the cozy and warm scent of a campfire. Its combination of smoky cedar, sandalwood, leather, and vanilla will transport you to a night spent under the stars, surrounded by nature and the people you love. With its long-lasting fragrance and safe, easy-to-use design, the Around the Campfire Scentsy Bar is a perfect addition to your home fragrance collection.

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The Around the Campfire Scentsy Bar is a popular scent that evokes memories of a cozy campfire in the great outdoors. This fragrance captures the essence of a night spent around the fire, roasting marshmallows, and sharing stories with family and friends.

The scent of the Around the Campfire Scentsy Bar combines smoky cedar, sandalwood, and leather with a hint of vanilla, giving it a warm and inviting aroma. The cedar and sandalwood provide a smoky, woodsy scent, while the leather adds a touch of richness and depth. The vanilla note rounds out the fragrance, providing a subtle sweetness that enhances the overall scent experience.

This wax bar is made with high-quality, food-grade paraffin wax and fragrance oils, ensuring that you get the best possible scent experience. The wax is divided into six cubes, and each cube can provide up to 8 hours of fragrance, giving you a total of up to 48 hours of scent per bar.

To use, simply break off one or two cubes of wax and place them in the dish of your Scentsy warmer. Turn on the warmer and let the warm and inviting aroma of Around the Campfire fill your home. This wax bar is designed to last for hours, providing you with a long-lasting fragrance experience.

Scentsy bars are a safe and easy alternative to traditional candles. There is no flame, so there is no risk of fire or smoke. The wax will also not evaporate, so there is no need to add water or worry about spills.